Voip Services


Essencial Electrónica offers a premium Wholesale VoIP Termination of the international telecommunication traffic. We are glad to offer our customers with cost-effective wholesale VoIP termination rates globally.

Essencial Electrónica concludes huge quantities of wholesale VoIP traffic worldwide. Because of our ample telecom traffic and wholesale minutes, we can offer you the most effective international rates on the competitive market, and so you can easily save a substantial amount as our partner.

Essencial Electrónica provides wholesale VoIP termination through regular PSTN interconnections with many alternative world leading telecommunication carriers. Its own distinctive on-line call routing process applies for every incoming call in the highest-quality route for the instant calling offers. As the result Essencial Electrónica is in a position` to supply the most effective quality-cost balanced VoIP call Termination service on the market: the most cost-effective rates offered for the wholesale call routes.

After a thorough research and building up relationships with many of the largest VoIP providers around the world, we have come up with a wholesale service that provides low-cost calling solutions to our sellers and resellers telecom service providers, calling card providers and ITSPs across the world. With the help of a dedicated programming team, Essencial Electrónica allows business owners to provide low cost solutions for outsourcing their international call termination.


Essencial Electrónica is one of the rapidly growing wholesale telecom service providers in telecom industry. It provides wholesale VoIP termination which can be described as a procedure that is used for routing telephone calls from one provider to the next until it’s received by the recipient. It has become an integral part of business which allows you to communicate with various end points utilizing IP network while we will be responsible for operating the back-end work.

Essencial Electrónica is always seeking innovative techniques to cater to your needs.

Essencial Electrónica Wholesale VoIP Termination is becoming a popular business communication tool in the present age, with profit and consumer outreach acting as its necessary pillars. VoIP providers give numerous advantages for any business with low cost support solutions, which not only proves beneficial but also provides a massive boost to your venture.

One of the best wholesale VoIP providers in the contemporary call termination market, Essencial Electrónica offers several voice terminations.

We offer the following VoIP termination services

  • A-Z call termination
  • EUR and USD accounts
  • Protocol: SIP

Through our collaboration with over millions of carriers, we provide you a trusted and quality voice termination services that will connect you throughout the world. By catering to our carrier needs, we focus on offering high-cost savings while providing you with reliable services.

Our VoIP routes and prepaid services are offered to VOIP service suppliers, wholesale carriers, SIP service suppliers, VoIP carriers, ISPs, little businesses and telecom outlets who asks for quality wholesale voice termination. The rapid change in customer demands in terms of services and techniques modify the characteristics of wholesale VOIP to gain even more importance among a huge customer base.

Wholesale VOIP providers focus on a large-scale traffic oriented customer segments that provides profitable output with virtually no investment.

We keep our services user friendly, from signing up to the navigation, throughout the services which makes it an easier and faster process. You just need to create an account, make a prepaid payment and configure your device in order to access the call termination globally.

For further information get in touch with our team who would be more than happy to assist.