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As part of the response to Coronavirus ­(COVID­-19), EE is now sourcing and supplying vital PPE from our established distribution network, fully compliant with Health and Safety EU regulations.

PPE equipment is essential for those most at risk, that is, professionals working in health and social care sectors.

This is because these sectors are responsible for providing essential treatment and care for those who are confirmed to have COVID-19, are symptomatic or are highly vulnerable.

They are in prolonged close contact with individuals who are symptomatic or particularly vulnerable to infection.

EE is licensed and regulated to trade a complete
range of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Goods include the following kind of products which provide the wearer with protection against potentially dangerous and infectious material:

and visors





Key facts about the new PPE Regulation

  • All our products meet the requirements of the new regulation (EU) 2016/425
  • A Declaration of Conformity is supplied with the user instructions and or include a web address where this can be found
  • We ensure that the PPE is accompanied by the user instructions in a language which can be easily understood by consumers and other end-users, as determined by the Member State concerned (English)
  • When PPE is made available in packages containing multiple units, the instructions and information accompany each smallest commercially available unit
  • The CE marking is affixed to the PPE. Where that is not possible on account of the nature of the PPE, it shall be affixed to the packaging and to the documents accompanying the PPE
  • For category III PPE, the CE marking shall be followed by the identification number of the Notified Body involved, e.g. CE 0086