About Essencial Electronica

We believe great service is great for business

When history reaches a turning point, there are those who watch and those who act. We at EE are both observers and participants in the making of new economic history. Today, we’re proud to empower business owners around the world.

At EE, we believe that we’re not just in the business of consumer electronics trading. We’re in the business of reshaping and improving everything around us. Delivering value to our clients is on the top of our agenda. Not surprisingly, our clients have come to think of us as vital to their success.

Our story

Essencial Ampere Electrónica LDA (EE) deals largely in selling consumer electronics to its customers.

EE is a global company and has come a long way from its humble beginnings on the 23 September 2016. On this day the company was acquired by Mr Zain Syed with only a rundown electronics retail store as its sole asset.

The Managing Director of EE, Zain Syed, has brought a new structure and vision to EE. It is this passion, hunger and thirst for success, in an already saturated market of electronics, the reason why the company is now seen as one of the top twenty performing companies in Portugal. EE has won and is continuing to win multiple bank awards for continuous serious growth and turnover in Portugal.

The success of the company lies in the way the company manages to secure large investments in consumer electronics from the market and pass those benefits to its many customers in Europe. As such, the company has become a powerhouse in trading consumer electronic goods.

Great Value, at Speed™

The core of EE’s Vision is to provide its customers with electronics at low prices. It is essential that EE maintains its low prices and provides its customers consumer electronics at a very competitive price.

The mission of the company is to hire the right staff and to provide them with a continuing plan of training so they can provide the best personnel experience to its customers. With the ever increasing knowledge of the electronic market and the innovations that entails, the staff will source the right electronics at a best price. With the right team for the job, EE now brings together some of the largest suppliers from the electronics wholesaling markets and passes the benefits on to its customers.

Essencial Electrónica prides itself on being an honest and a transparent company, working in synergy with suppliers and customers.

The future is bright with Essencial Ampere Electrónica LDA.

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