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Wholesale Products


Essencial Ampere Electrónica LDA specialises in the sale of consumer electronics throughout Europe.

Our primary goal is to provide our customers with the very best wholesale competitive prices on all major brand gadgets and accessories.

Not forgetting our thought-out process of critical logistics ensuring our customers are satisfied every time they book in a deal with EE.

Voip Services


As part of our technological growth in Essencial Electrónica we have also found a market in wholesaling Voip Services.

What is voip services you ask?
Voip is Voice over internet protocol it’s the same as Skype and whatsapp calls. We have found that as we are experiencing worldwide technological advances phone operators are having difficulty keeping up. There is a rapid demand throughout the world for wholesaling voip minutes and we can offer you the very best rates when you come direct!

For further information get in touch with our team who would be more than happy to assist.

Software Mobile Apps

Software &
Mobile Apps

As technology advances so does EE, we know first-hand the difficulty companies face using various software systems to keep up with the demand of their customers.

Let’s simplify and build you a tailor-made system that takes all of the companies’ tasks into consideration.

From Applications to databases you will have excellent care and privacy with EE.

Business Exchange


Our Artificial Intelligent Robot “EE-bot” is taking over our business exchange, so go ahead and speak to a computer and tell him that you want to exchange with our company.

EE-bot will take all of company’s information and direct it to the correct department so you don’t have to waste any more time on hold to our company, you can await our response via email or by one of our team members getting in touch.

Find our AI powered EE-bot on our website and go ahead and have a chat.


About Essencial Electrónica

Mobile & ITC Wholesale

Essencial Electrónica is a prominent B2B distributor and wholesaler of high-end branded consumer electronic products based in Lisbon, Portugal. Our longstanding relationship with manufacturers combined with our exclusive network and distribution partners allow us to offer a diverse product range to our client base.

The formation of exclusive distribution channels is at the heart of EE’s success story. Our continuing relationships with manufacturing partners internationally permitted EE to become a reliable partner in the digital world.

Essencial Electrónica Products

It has been quite the journey for Essencial Electrónica since its humble beginning in 2015 in which the company had very few suppliers of consumer electronics.

We are ecstatic to say that our suppliers have grown considerably, our product range is extensive, while our prices are extremely competitive so look no further for stock, wait no longer to contact us for the deals of a lifetime.



There is so much competition in the smartphone markets which is causing manufacturers to up their game.

Laptops & Tablets

Laptops & Tablets

Incredible Retina displays, foldable screens, fast processors, amazing storage, Artificial intelligence assistance. Whats next?

Audio & Video

Audio & Video

Let the music play! Sound systems and headphones to newer heights whilst video resolution consists of breath-taking displays.



Who else is waiting for the PS5? The gaming industry has sparked up its own industrial electronic revolution in which we are expected to see nothing but the best in graphics and processing speeds. Now it is the norm for us to build our own gaming pcs! Do you need parts?



‘Alexa turn on the lights.’ ‘Honey did you turn on the burglar deterrent whilst we are away on holiday?’ Endless features for your home security with the largest brands in the world providing you with the devices you need to bring your household to the 21st century.



Lost your phone charger again? Looking for a wireless pad to charge your devices. At Essencial Electornica we know how you feel, that’s why we always have ready stock to ship. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter the most.